VNL Fantasy

As volleyball enthusiasts around the globe eagerly anticipate the start of another thrilling season of the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), now there's an exciting addition to the game that promises to elevate the fan experience to unprecedented heights. The VNL Fantasy game is an immersive platform designed to let fans step into the shoes of team managers, strategize player selections and compete against fellow aficionados in the ultimate test of volleyball knowledge and foresight, and all that – with great prizes to be won.

The VNL Fantasy game is now available for download on Android and iOS devices, and playable on the web!

Download it here:


VNL Fantasy offers two game modes. In the Fantasy Mode, the user gets 150 credits to choose 12 players and compete against other users in private or public leagues. Fantasy teams have non-exclusive rosters, which means that each player can belong to multiple fantasy coaches. In the Leagues Mode (Auction), the user participates in an auction to create a fantasy team to manage throughout the tournament. In this mode, fantasy teams have exclusive rosters.

It is possible to play both the men's and the women's competitions within the app, each with an independent ranking, and it is possible to switch from one competition to another from the menu.

Each VNL Fantasy Matchday corresponds to a real competition day in the VNL. During a game day, it will be possible to see the fantasy score of each player in real time. The score is based on real statistics registered in the VNL matches. The scoring system considers 12 statistical items to assign a very realistic score and the credit value assigned to each player increases or decreases after each Matchday depending on the real performance. During the line-up for the Matchday, the starting players earn 100% of the fantasy points, while the remaining players earn 50%.

VNL Fantasy

In the Fantasy Mode between one Matchday and another of the same Gameweek, a user can make a maximum of five transfers in each market session - sell and buy players respecting the credits budget.

In the Leagues Mode, a user can modify their fantasy team across the season by sending offers for free agent players or for players belonging to other fantasy teams of the same draft league.


In the Fantasy Mode, the best fantasy coaches will win prizes. The top three in each individual Matchday ranking will get one month of free VBTV. There will also be a global ranking, compiled based on the scores obtained by one's team throughout the entire competition. The final winner in the global ranking will receive a grand prize of one year of free VBTV and USD 100 from the Volleyball World online shop. One year of free VBTV and USD 50 from the shop will be the prize for the runner-up. The third-ranked user will also get one year of free VBTV.

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