Men's U21 World Championship 2021 News

Thailand 2

At the start of the second round of the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Men's U21 World Championship, Thailand recorded their second victory at the competition, this time against Morocco. In the other Pool G fixture of the day, Iran outclassed the team of Egypt, grabbing the three points.

Thailand stormed out to a great start in the match, taking a 15-5 lead in the first set thanks to some good jump float serves that put Morocco in a difficult situation (32% good reception). The same scenario unfolded in the second set, with Thailand dominating on all counts. Detchawat Jaengsawang recorded two aces, and even though Morocco tried to fight back, Khomson Phasi put the end to the discussion with a block for 25-15. Looking for their first set win at the Worlds, the North Africans tried to respond with Mohamed Yakki recording two outstanding blocks and Ilyass Stilli attacking three times successfully. However, they weren’t able to stop Thailand’s Chantai Jakkit (13).

Overall, Thailand were better in the different components, except blocking, where Morocco recorded two more (11 to nine).

"We prepared this game very well, and we are happy that we could eventually do our job right. We were doing well, trying to avoid making errors. However, we need to keep paying attention to the detail, and avoid mistakes,” Donlakkham Sutthiphong, captain and opposite of Thailand, told Volleyball World.

Iran started the match on the right foot, taking a 5-1 lead. However, the Egyptians did not give in easily. Both sides put the focus of their game in the middle - on one side, there was Iran’s Mahdi Jelveh (five points), and on the other side, Egypt’s Mohamed Eloraby (six). A close call game highlighted the second set. However, after the 20th point, Iran’s Khalili Khajeh Amir shined. With as many as six kill blocks, Iran got closer to the victory. The Egyptians tried to come back in the match, but Iran’s substitute Bardia Saadat's serving made it difficult for their opponents’ reception. With two important attacks, Saadat made it impossible for the players around head coach Hany Mustafa to take a set.

Statistically, Iran proved better on all counts, except for the serving, where Egypt outclassed them with five aces (compared to three).

“It was a team performance. Every time I did something good on the court, it means that someone before that had done their job right,” said Mahdi Jelveh, middle blocker of Iran.